tze3d 6hk56 t7353 ktas7 333i5 3kya7 stszh yst8h ksebh 6n576 3yyn7 kdh8d dn2za 8fsre 34z65 73f2y bnez4 a97h7 anh3a hzh3a nr5ai KaimuFinance - KAIMUI is live. Low MC. Community Driven. Huge potential |

KaimuFinance - KAIMUI is live. Low MC. Community Driven. Huge potential

2022.01.22 05:40 NoElephant4327 KaimuFinance - KAIMUI is live. Low MC. Community Driven. Huge potential

KaimuFinance - KAIMUI is live. Low MC. Community Driven. Huge potential KaimuFinance - KAIMUI is live. Low MC. Community Driven. Huge potential

✅ KaimuFinance is Live. Low Market Cap. Low Holders

✅ KaimuFinance is a 100% community driven and fair launched meme token which builds value for its Hodlers through the liquidity pool acquisition, manual burns and reflections

✅ KaimuFinance is a community meme/utility token built on the BEP20 Token.

✅ Tokenomics are simple yet effective 10% Tax on Sell Orders 5% Liquidity Pool 4% Reflection to Hodlers 1% Marketing Wallet

✅ Liquidity Locked for 5 months

Here is the Tokenomics:

✅ Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000 KAIMU

✅ Burned at launch : 0.89%

✅ %4 - redistributed to holders

✅ Contract Address: 0xb07104F1De023412dbDc48D373DE68cc2510DEB2

✅Pancakeswap Link:

✅Is this Community token ?

Yes, KaimuFinance - KAIMU supports its community. We are engaged with our community.
We listen to our community..Join our community

🌐 Telegram:

📈 Chart (Bogged):
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2022.01.22 05:40 paath3171 Found 3 of these with eggs on the underside of one of monstera deliciosa leaves :( I picked them off but what are they and how can I avoid them in the future?

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2022.01.22 05:40 assagitaz Kaiser Souzai - Adella (Belocca Remix) [Ballroom Black]

Publisher: Ballroom Black
Out Date: 2021-01-30
Quality: MP3 18.20 Mb / AIFF 80.16 Mb
Genre: Techno (Peak Time / Driving)
Kaiser Souzai - Adella (Belocca Remix) / (Key Gm, BPM 128, Length 7:34)​
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2022.01.22 05:40 Arnadus [LUNA] Terra. Price ↘ -1.07% in 5 minutes

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2022.01.22 05:40 iccaecumsa Crazy Floki🔥 Reflections Token Launching Now ! | Massive giveaways on Launch day💰 | Nonstop marketing day after day

Floki has gone absolutely Crazy!
Floki has decided to leave the Musk family and start a journey on the BSC and he is determined to send it to the moon by handing out the the best and most unique tokenomics right now!
Introducing a new contract designed to reward our diamond handed community.
For the first time on top of the 8% reflections every 60 minutes, holders will recieve also extra 2% retro on all transctions every 48 hours!
🔆8% Redistribution in BNB to all holders!
🔆2% Retro every 48 hours!
🔆0.2% Of the total supply per txn(no dumps)
🔆1% Extra fee for Paper selling in order to reduce swings.
🔆2%of every transaction turns into liquidity
🔆4% goes to marketing and giveawaya and promotions.
▪️Equal Launch for everybody
▪️New Features
▪️Low Entry Cap
▪️Verified Contract
▪️Liquidity Locked
▪️Passive earnings
▪️Anti bot protection
▪️Unique Rewarding System
Crazy Floki (CZFLOKI)
TAX : 0% BUY & 15% SELL
💰Auto Rewards
-8% To all holders
-2% Retro every 48 hours
-2% Back to liquidity
-3% Marketing
💯Supply: 100 000 000 000
Feel free to join the community on Telegram!
Contract: 0x24ff2a8f8741f3a4fb7ca34894bc53891f371f3d
Buy Here :
LP locked:
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2022.01.22 05:40 pajavasarakomuka Mielenkiintoista

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2022.01.22 05:40 unboxingtreatment Enter to win Streacom TX13 Thermal Compound (2 Winners) (01/31/2022) {WW}

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2022.01.22 05:40 CANTINGPEPPER16 how do you learn a lot of words?

I live in the philippines and already know 4 languages but I learned these slowly and by continuous immersion I'm trying to learn japanese to use the minicule amount of vocab that was mandatory to learn when I was still a kid
I know some of the grammar and can construct basic sentences but i still lack vocabulary
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2022.01.22 05:40 ActualPossibility3 macOS Catalina is very slow for unknown reasons

Hello guys, I installed macOS Catalina with OpenCore to my Dell Inspiron 5537. But the operating system is generally sluggish and I can't seem to find any reason for that. For example, it barely runs YouTube. Playback is not problematic but it takes ages to load the page. I know that my iGPU is configured correctly, I can't seem to understand what the problem is. I read some similar complaints on online forums, some guy was saying that it might happen because of booting from UEFI instead of Legacy, will that might be the problem? Thanks in advance.
My specs:
Intel i5 4200u 1.6 GHz (2.3 GHz with Turbo Boost) 8GB DDR3 1600 MHz RAM 256 GB SATA3 SSD
Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.22 05:40 jedikraken Dishonest people expect dishonesty.

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2022.01.22 05:40 TuentinQuarantino_98 I have a collection of JJK drawings surrounding my workspace, here is Sukuna and to the left, a chunk of Megumi

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2022.01.22 05:40 Arguss Streak 215 (Verbesser mich!): Top 5

Ich bin Mitglied eines Deutschlernservers. Um Teilnehmen zu fördern haben sie ein neues System eingerichtet: die besten 5 Kommentierer dürfen jede Woche entscheiden, was für ein Spiel der Server am Gemeinschaftstag spielt. Gemeinschaftstag findet fast jeden Samstag statt, und das Spiel sollte optimalerweise die Mitglieder ermöglichen, Deutsch zu üben. Wir haben früher z.B. auf Deutsch oder Gartic Phone auf Deutsch gespielt.
Aber ich nehme nicht jeden Gemeinschaftstag teil, und ich habe nie richtig gewollt, diese Entscheidungen zu treffen. Der einzige Grund, warum ich immer in der besten 5 bin, ist, dass ich dort mein Deutsch üben und ich anscheinend weniger schüchtern bin als viele andere Deutschlernende, und deshalb schreibe ich Kommentare in diesem Server öfter als andere Menschen.
Aber Leute schreibe schon nicht oft genug, und ich will nicht dieses System rückgängig machen.
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2022.01.22 05:40 Full-Report1500 Opinions

What could GW do better to help grow the hobby? Would you say the hobby is growing in popularity? Or are there things that stop new people joining?
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2022.01.22 05:40 Anabu1 Ya, cbc always has quality

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2022.01.22 05:40 prawnbiryani #unsplashcats #cute #adorable #kittens #cats #followformore

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2022.01.22 05:40 Fatguy_littlecoat648 Why have they not made a dvd version of The Crocodile Hunter?

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2022.01.22 05:40 Kdog119 Purchasing a golf bag

What is the benefit in doing this? If I buy a platinum one for 1350 cash does it mean I'm always getting rewards you would get if you unlocked one after a game for example? Does it also stay with you forever or only last for a set period of time?
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2022.01.22 05:39 BlackEvanescence Run down of last year's minor league performance

Marco Luciano had dominated prior to covid against competition much older than himself, but he basically never even came close to playing at that same level this past year. He really struggled in A+ and in fall league. I was really, really disappointed about this. He dominating 20+ year olds as a 17 year old, and this past year he hit 217/283/295 in A+ over 36 games and put up similar numbers in fall league. He's still young, but he's no longer the potential #1 superstar prospect he once was, imo.
Hunter Bishop basically lost his second year in a row due to injuries. He didn't do anything noteworthy when he finally got some playing time during spring training.
Joey Bart has dealt with injuries basically every single one of his pro seasons, and this trend continued last year. I worry that he's never going to be able to hit off-speed stuff in the big-leagues—questionable pitch selection, and he did nothing to assuage those fears last year. His KK/BB ratio is still horrendous and did not improve.
Luis Matos absolutely crushed A. I think he ended up batting like .340 with a 20 HR 30 SB pace or something. He didn't walk a lot, but he also rarely struck out. I think that his KK/BB ratio was almost even. So he's an interesting contact hitter.
Heliot Ramos struggled in AA and struggled in AAA. I honestly don't think he's ever going to amount to much. He's never really had a great season and never dominated any level for a meaningful period of time.
Kyle Harrison is the truth. He's a beast. I think this was his first or second year out of HS. He was projected to have like a 93 mph fastball, but it spiked up to like 98 and he's striking out like 2 people per inning. He spent all season in A, but he's going to be good.
Diego Rincones is unknown. He broke out in AA this year. He's a bad defender, but if the DH comes to the NL, he could have some value for us. 293/377/517 in AA, which is a notorious pitcher's league. For comparison, Ramos is the same age (22), and hit 237/323/399 in AA last year.
Jairo Pomares was probably our second biggest break out behind Kyle Harrison. He absolutely murdered A for the entire duration in which he played there. He put up Barry Bonds numbers without the walks. He hit 372/429/693 over 51 games. He got promoted to A+ and put up pedestrian numbers compared to his numbers at A—262/269/505. One big concern is that his BB/KK ratio is poor. 1:33 in A+.
Patrick Bailey, our 2020 top pick—or was it 2019?—started off the year terribly. I heard he was out of shape. He got demoted from A+ to A, and after a little while, he began to dominate A in much the same fashion that Jairo Pomares was dominating the league. Not sure what his exact stats were. He also got sent to fall league, which is where all of the top prospects go, and he held his own, so I think that there's a decent chance that Patrick Bailey will ultimately be our starting catcher rather than Bart, as I really don't have much faith in Bart's offensive ability.
Seth Corry regressed and sucked. He has awful control and if he doesn't improve in that regards until it's above average, he's not going to be a starter, because his stuff is not overwhelming.
Sean Hjelle also sucked and I don't think he's going to be a good major leaguer.
I almost forgot about the other breakout prospect:
Ryan Murphy, who did well in A, got promoted to A+, and utterly dominated A+. He had a 1.44 era, 48 Ks and 8 walks in 33.1 innings and he only gave up 13 hits. I think he was a junior college player (or a small school?) so he got drafted in like the fifth round of something in the shortened draft. He doesn't have overwhelming velocity, so it'll be interesting to see if he can continue to dominate.
We traded
Caleb Kilian for Kris Bryant. He was dominating maybe more than Ryan Murphy was prior to trading him away. He has a 1.25 era and 0.46 Whip in A+, and a 2.43 ERA and 0.94 WHIP in AA prior to being traded. His breakout performance is what allowed us to get Kris Bryant for what seemed to be cheap. But I guess there's no point in discussing Kilian now that he's a Cub.
These were most of the notable developments in our minor league system this previous year.
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2022.01.22 05:39 KerrangHamsel 6 кВ - Нифльхейм [Doom/Death]

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2022.01.22 05:39 ThanksIKnowImWeird I want to craft a deck for nostalgia and fun, but I'm scared of ruining my account by investing too many resources in something that's not good.

So I'm starting with the premise that if you blow the initial 8500 or so gems that are pretty easy to get, on the first day, it's going to be very difficult to get back up to a big number like that again, since the game probably hurls a bunch of stuff at you early, and then it's more of a slog after. If I'm wrong about that, let me know.
I have fond memories of playing crystal beasts back when they were new (Yeah, I'm a pretty old player.) They weren't even really good back then, but at the small local tourneys I attended, I could do something that wasn't 'abysmal.' Anyway...
I don't know what's good and powerful these days, but I'm guessing it's probably not c-beasts. In TCGs I normally try to steer towards top-tier meta strategies, but my nostalgia wants me to build the deck. I imagine I could probably put it together by crafting one of the SR or URs in it, to unlock the secret pack for it, then investing heavily into that, but I'm scared of what things look like after that. I don't want my ranked experience to be hell.
What should I do?
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2022.01.22 05:39 RickJones616 So how many of you Steam users have actually held off on buying the game?

I'm a completionist and there's simply no way I'm paying US $120 for Hitman 3 deluxe and its DLC - I don't even think I'd pay that much if it was Witcher 4 and its DLC or something - let alone Hitman 3 and a few glorified escalations.
So I haven't bought the game and have no intention to until it's priced more reasonably. I guess it's not that bad because I kind of wanted to wait for ray-tracing anyway.
Anyone else doing the same, or did you relent and shell out all that cash?
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2022.01.22 05:39 KindaSelfish Ukraine Delivery

Does anyone know the quickest way to receive package China - Ukraine ? For now im waiting a month to receive it Help
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2022.01.22 05:39 NiftyDriftNFT New Token on the Block! DNT

Found this token: can be worth looking into.
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2022.01.22 05:39 woosal1337 Armenian Terrorist Organization ASALA Calls for A Halt in Peace Talks

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2022.01.22 05:39 Throwitaway8aa8 Tahiti Government ATR 42

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