Arnold Schwarzenegger involved in four-vehicle accident in Los Angeles • The Pigeon Express

2022.01.22 04:46 thepigeonexpress Arnold Schwarzenegger involved in four-vehicle accident in Los Angeles • The Pigeon Express

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2022.01.22 04:46 luvnowcrylaterr New hoodie 🥰 over18

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2022.01.22 04:46 Mythological282 Whoever writes the Pokedex entries for Magikarp should also have a post in this sub as well.

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2022.01.22 04:46 Mr_Grombie Plant/Aquatic Discord for Plant fam!

Plant/Aquatic Discord for Plant fam! Hey plant friends! We've created a community discord for all of us to chat about fish and nature whether you are new to aquatics or a full blown obsession! We have numerous channels than range from freshwater, saltwater, ponds, and plants, and many other animals! Hope to see you there!
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2022.01.22 04:46 Pretend_Belt3550 My whole world is shattered.

i will try to keep it short. My bf broke up with me a year ago due to his parents not being able to accept me as we are from different nationalities. I didn't find this reason valid, because he was just a pussy and didnt want to have the talk with his family coz he is scared. anyways, we broke up but held on to each other for an entire 2 years. we were still close (we held on by chatting only, we did not meet) . however, i suddenly find myself blocked everywhere, and on his instagram he unfollowed many girls and made his account private. I have many questions in my mind... theres no way to talk to him, and if there was he will just leave me on seen . im broken because i feel betrayed, he said i was different and that he will never stop taking care of me no matter what happens. he will always watch out for me and be there. he was my escape and safe place, his existence in my life made me happy... we felt like soul mates, there was so much we wanted to do but didnt.... he is an aquarius, he just cut me off... i feel worthless since he blocked me alongside other girls ... did i fall under the same category as them ? do men ever regret or come back ? it was an impulsive move, i hope he regrets what he did to me. but if he ever comes back it will be too late and i will not accept him back .
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2022.01.22 04:46 DragonflyTimeloop Difference between therapist and counselor

Lately I have been seeing someone who is a mental health counselor that I really am comfortable around and feel like I’m doing better with. However upon finding out they are a mental health counselor, it got me thinking about the difference between them and therapists. Im considering changing as dreaded as I feel cause I’m worried about not getting the help I need. is there ?
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2022.01.22 04:46 Probeatz How to Earn $35 - CakeDeFi referral code, and steps to earn $35 with just a $50 crypto deposit!

Here are the steps you need to take to get $35 of free DFI (DeFiChain) as a sign-up bonus, by making just a $50 deposit in any supported crypto.

  1. You'll have to sign up to Cake DeFi using my referral link: Signing up with a referral link makes sure you can earn a $30 sign-up bonus in DFI, instead of the normal $20.
  2. Verify your account (KYC). This can take up to a day. Once verified, you can use the platform.
  3. Make a crypto deposit worth over $50. CakeDeFi supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, DeFiChain, Dogecoin, Ether, Litecoin, Tether, and USDC. Once you've deposited over $50 worth of any of the listed crypto's to CakeDeFi, you'll instantly get $30 in DFI (DeFiChain) as a sign-up bonus!
  4. You can make another $5 in DeFiChain with 'CakeDeFi Learn'. There learn about DeFiChain, get 5 quiz questions, and you'll get $1 in DFI for every right answer.
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2022.01.22 04:46 objectpointer [HELP] Keyboard LED not working.

Hi fellow gamers I have zebronics mechanical keyboard (link). I have been using this for almost 3 years now( used regularly for about 1.5 years). I have noticed a few keys not working properly, rarely. Also, some led is not working for some keys. The keyboard has MX blue keys.
I am planning to change the keycaps to this one.
Can I get suggestion whether I should get a new keyboard or get it repaired(if that is possible)? If repairs are possible then kindly suggest me sources where I can get the required stuff.
I live in Delhi(if nehru place has some opitions)
I am new to keyboard related knowledge so feel free to break it down like you're explaining a 10yo.
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2022.01.22 04:46 jahshsbvabha What does the £3.49 ‘coach pack’ actually contain? I heard it has some coins but on the description I only see a couple of coaches. Thanks.

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2022.01.22 04:46 pesochrisss trading all! Looking for: Frosts, Shadows, and Mega Evil

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2022.01.22 04:46 Routine-Ambition-816 🤣🤣

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2022.01.22 04:46 EestiMentioned [/r/cryptostreetbets] Centaurify - Launching Now on BSC

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2022.01.22 04:46 SnooPredictions9515 Have you ever felt sad but not sad… like an unhealthy middle? How would you describe it?

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2022.01.22 04:46 mysterioususer5678 I'm just eating, don't mind me

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2022.01.22 04:46 CrazyPlayz_raider Little Petey on the Track

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2022.01.22 04:46 gloriouscavecat "I am gonna become the joker!" - Vaush

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2022.01.22 04:46 elfcup_mayhem Enum.dedup_by is removing all consecutive duplicates when I expect it to only remove elements that return true based on the criteria given buy the passes in function.

[ "a", 'foo', 1, "b", 7, 4, "c", "d"], fn x -> is_integer(x) end ) |> IO.inspect() # ["a", 1, "b", 7, "c"]
I was expecting just the 4 to be dropped like this [ "a", 'foo', 1, "b", 7, "c", "d"] but is has removed all the consecutive duplicates. Am I missing something?
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2022.01.22 04:46 Altruistic-Parking-1 The VeVeVerse Experience

So I heard VeVe is working with Niantic? Niantic helped build Pokemon GO. With AR glasses reality as we know it is going to change reality as we know it. I could see VeVe connecting the travel/tourist/community. Scavenger hunts, art installations, AR games centered around collecting and NFTs. Here are a couple videos to get your curiosity stimulated.
I believe we will be able to connect all the metaverses/digital land connect by overlaying all digital land overtop of real life land based on coordinates and geomapping. The owners of the digital land will be able to design the space they own within the rules/parameters that each metaberse sets as Im sure there will be regulations. The space could be designed on our computers or phones with the tools and assets that are provided or purchased within each metaverse. Then anyone connect with that metaverse wearing AR glasses will see the space you created.
Make sure to share this post and give it a upvote if it helped!
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2022.01.22 04:46 throwaway349873 Sleep test

Just had my sleep test this week after feeling tired for as long as I remember. According to the nurse I stopped breathing 125 times in a hour and that’s the highest he’s ever seen. Kicker is I won’t hear back from the doctor in 10-14 days and now knowing I do this it freaks me out to go to sleep. Has this happened to anyone else? Also what’s the highest number for stopped breathing in an hour you’ve seen/heard?
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2022.01.22 04:46 bluethecoloris Kyle Rittenhouse seeks return of AR-15 style rifle used in Kenosha shootings

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2022.01.22 04:46 crytoloover Disney building a park in the Metaverse, PayPal explores stablecoins | The Crypto Minute

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2022.01.22 04:46 Bstech20 ‎2022 College Basketball Conference Champion Predictions on Apple Podcasts

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2022.01.22 04:46 Tobor-8th-Man Thoughts on using PTFE lube on FEP

Just bought a Mars 3 and wondered whether I should be using PTFE lube on the FEP beginning with my first print.
Does it help?
Any application tips?
Any brand recommendations (Australia)?
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2022.01.22 04:46 bluethecoloris Taiwan sees sharp rise in Covid cases, posing risk to Lunar New Year

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2022.01.22 04:46 Life-Plane7703 If my mum didn't get married to my dad and my dad never married my mum, would I have happened to either of them or some other couple?

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