Daily Llama 24/Oct/2021

2021.10.23 21:00 FortniteStatusBot Daily Llama 24/Oct/2021

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2021.10.23 21:00 YVRFIXED Has anyone ridden Mavic Ellipse wheels on gravel? Thoughts?

How much abuse can these wheels really take with low spokes count? I see people do tricks one them sometimes.
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2021.10.23 21:00 clouc1223 Anakins ghost looked at her "hey snips, I missed those lips"

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2021.10.23 21:00 petertree Need help finding a new plan with AT&Ts 3G sunset

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (N960F) but starting Feb 2022 only the locked N960U will be allowed on AT&Ts network - I use the dual Sim feature a lot for travel and would like to not switch phones.
What carrieplan can I switch to where:
1) I can keep my number 2) VoLTE and Wfi calling is supported on unlocked phones (AT&T does not enable this on unlocked phones) 3) 4g speeds and coverage are decent - I tend to use about 20GB of mobile data per month
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2021.10.23 21:00 PancakeOnLSD Hosting Darkrai raid right now can invite 10

The first 10 people to add me and appear online will get an invite. Will be backing out and inviting another 5 when first person joins. Will be accepting all friend requests and then removing players so the game doesn’t block you from sending me future requests. 1699 2686 3779
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2021.10.23 21:00 Jeren88 Looking for a books series from childhood

I am trying to remember the title / series name from a series of books I read in the early 90's. It was a series with a white cover and red lettering for all the books. It was a male protagonist that need to go through a series of levels down to rescue a girl. I don't remember much else about it except there were a large number of books in the series.
I know its a long shot but if anyone has ideas it would be appreciated.
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2021.10.23 21:00 WookieeSteakIsChewie [Game Thread] Stephen F. Austin @ Dixie State (9:00PM ET)

GAME Stephen F. AustinStephen F. Austin @ Dixie StateDixie State
Location Dixie State Greater Zion Stadium
Watch TV: ESPN+
Flair ¦ Discord ¦ /CFB Book
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2021.10.23 21:00 FatiguedFowl Shoreline is a Bad Map

"But there's so much loot! The resort is full of fun, hectic PVP! How can you NOT like it??!?!!1!"
Because it is genuinely just bad. The spawns on the river side are so moronicly close you're almost guaranteed a spawnkill or a death to a spawnkiller. There's no problem with having spawns somewhat close together, but consistently getting engaged within THIRTY SECONDS of spawning because someone else spawns 75 meters away is absurd.
That gem aside, the extracts are fucked. Pier is a suicide mission and you can't tell if it's even available until you're there, then there's the almost guaranteed chance of extract campers at the assured exits. Out of 13 recent raids on this absolute dumpster fire of a map, tunnel has had a camper 7 times out of the 8 I went there. Road had a camper lurking riverside all 5 times.
"It's part of the game, stop crying!! Maybe just get good and take Rock Passage shitter!!"
Yes, it is part of the game but pretty much every map has more than one guaranteed extract, even Factory, which gives you a better chance of not hitting one of these bushmonsters.
Either one of these on their own would just be annoying, but together they make Shoreline the most awful map in this game. I understand BSG has a vision for the game and this is how they wanted the map to be, which excuses the extracts, but the spawns are such an easily fixable issue for how completely broken they are.
Rant over, please proceed to say git gud.
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2021.10.23 21:00 Baconwood89 Communauté Discord - Baconwood Québec

Baconwood Québec est un serveur Discord actif de plus de 400 utilisateurs qui est réservé aux adultes majeurs seulement (18 ans et plus).
La communauté regroupe des utilisateurs âgés entre 18 et 73 ans de toutes les régions du Québec. La communauté est très active en conversation vocale et vidéo, et les salons textuels sont ouverts à tous les sujets (cuisine, politique, informatique, gaming, photos, memes et autres). L'équipe de modération est très proactive et s'assure que l'ambiance sur le serveur demeure agréable et accueillante pour tous les usagers.
Je vous invite à rejoindre Baconwood Québec à partir du lien suivant: http://discord.gg/baconwood
(si le lien est inactif, Baconwood Québec est également référencé sur Disboard)
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2021.10.23 21:00 OldschoolBTC [POSITIVE] for /u/tex71378 [seller]

Great seller, fast shipping, great packaging, easy to work with!
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2021.10.23 21:00 qznc_bot2 .NET Hot Reload Support via CLI

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2021.10.23 21:00 jayubc *REAL CODE* USE eats-jayl29504ui to get $20 OFF First TWO orders (Limited time, subject to change)

REAL CODE USE eats-jayl29504ui to get $20 OFF First TWO orders (Limited time)
Screenshot attached for verification!!
Again the code is eats-jayl29504ui. Note UberEats does change the actual amount. It sometimes appears to be 20 off for first two orders.
See screenshot at https://i.redd.it/5bumv0kbcj351.jpg
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2021.10.23 21:00 silentrocker Hayare Jyapuni Tata (Cover) | Ramesh Tamrakar | Birashya Nepal

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2021.10.23 21:00 cjd08 [Homemade] Pho!

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2021.10.23 21:00 WickBot2 Daily Item Shop and Purchase Advice Megathread (2021-10-24)

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2021.10.23 21:00 An_Aviansie Add the ability to pet Loba.

She's super freaking cute, but I can't pet her. This makes me sad.
I feel very strongly about this.
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2021.10.23 21:00 DampFrijoles [Game Thread] Northern Arizona @ Sacramento State (9:00PM ET)

GAME Northern ArizonaNorthern Arizona @ Sacramento StateSacramento State
Location Sacramento State Hornet Stadium
Time 9:00PM ET ¦ 6:00PM PT
Watch TV: ESPN+
Flair ¦ Discord ¦ /CFB Book
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2021.10.23 21:00 hopelessromantic1001 Feeling hopeless

I’m a 25f and I feel like a complete outcast. I thought perhaps if I moved from nyc to a more rural southern town, I’d be able to find myself a bit more and also make honest connections with people. People here are nicer and easier to speak too. However, whenever I speak to people I feel like I’m living a lie. Like I’m not the person people believe me to be. I also feel like starting a relationship is impossible for me. I’m demisexual and most people don’t understand or even believe me when I explain my feelings regarding my sexuality. It makes me feel as if I’m fake. Almost as if I’m lying to myself. These feelings prevent me from putting myself out in the dating world and even social circles. It feels as if things would just repeat as it always has. There has never been one moment for me where someone physically in my life actually understood and acknowledged who I am. I’m a flawed person and still broken from my past mistakes but I’m glad I am able to turn my life around and strive to better myself in anyway no matter how slow the progress. But damn most days I just feel like with all the time that’s passed since I moved I don’t see the cloudy days ending for years to come.
Idk what I’m looking for here. I really just wanted to let some bull$*** out of me and feel a little better today. It’s been really low for me these past few weeks.
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2021.10.23 21:00 JohnWickBot Daily Shop (2021-10-24)

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2021.10.23 21:00 Pige89 I use desired face subliminals but are there any subs you guys reccomend that will give me this specific aesthetic?

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2021.10.23 21:00 mrsimpson928 Firestorm 79 Results

And that's that on Firestorm 79! Tonight was truly an awesome night of booking, as we saw but weren't limited to a sick Blindfold match, two awesome Gedo Classic II matches, and a wild Champion vs. Champion match. Let's not waste any time here though, as we've got some results to get into.

Blindfold Match: Fruit Gambino vs. Jaeger Karpov
Our first match of the night was a Blindfold match, pitting the Painkiller, Jaeger Karpov, against the Face of the World, Fruit Gambino. We saw this match stem from a heated encounter between both men, where the Painkiller called Gambino "blinded by the fans." With the ball in his court, Gambino chose to don the blindfold as he went to put Jaeger in his place over his comments. And lo and behold, we saw the Face of the World walk out with the victory despite the handicap placed on him, as he defeated Mr. Booker in the Bank to kick Firestorm off hot.
Fruit Gambino (6) def. Jaeger Karpov (4)

Lucius Silas vs. Sebastian King
In the second match of the night, we saw Lucius Silas take on Sebastian King. Both men are awaiting matches in Round Two of the Gedo Classic II, with King taking on the winner of Lockwood/Broadway meanwhile Silas goes one on one with Grayson Steele. It was also clear that King was looking to use this match to not only bounce back from a couple of non-tournament losses that he had taken, however unfortunately for King, it ended up being Lucius Silas who walked out with the victory here, giving himself some momentum as he looks to tackle Grayson Steele next week.
Lucius Silas (8) def. Sebastian King (2)

Gedo Classic II Round One: Cedric Lockwood vs. PJ Broadway
After that, we were treated to the first of tonight's two Gedo Classic II matches, as Cedric Lockwood and PJ Broadway went one on one to determine who faces off with Sebastian King in Round Two of the tournament next week. Both Lockwood and Broadway have impressed during their short tenure in FBE so far, so a win here would truly benefit their careers as they search to establish themselves in the world of fantasy booking. It would end up being Lockwood who walked away with the win here however, putting Broadway away and solidifying his spot against Sebastian King next week.
Cedric Lockwood def. PJ Broadway by No-Show

Andrew Grzesiek vs. John LaGuardia
Up next, we saw a huge debut as First Class, John LaGuardia stepped onto the stage to tackle the Deadshot, Andrew Grzesiek. The Deadshot looked to snap his losing streak tonight by taking on the newcomer, and he ended up doing so, just not in the way that he had expected to. Unfortunately for LaGuardia, Grzesiek, and all the fans that had been expecting to see this bout, with First Class ended up getting held up with his busy job as a flight attendant. Grzesiek was ruled the winner by default, giving the Deadshot his first victory in FBE.
Andrew Grzesiek def. John LaGuardia by No-Show

Gedo Classic II Round One: Erick Koeman vs. Tyson Young
After that, we saw the final match in Round One of the Gedo Classic II, with both Erick Koeman and Tyson Young wishing to claim that final spot in Round Two as they go head to head tonight. With the winner advancing to face off with the True Megastar, T.M Imran, it truly shows that things don't just get easier from here on in the tournament. Nevertheless, iron sharpens iron, and everybody wants to see who truly has the sharpest blade here. Tonight, it ended up being Erick Koeman who had the sharper blade, as he managed to earn the victory over Tyson Young and advance to take on T.M Imran next week.
Erick Koeman (5) def. Tyson Young (4)

Mr. Calcote Miller vs. T.M Imran
In the penultimate match-up of the night, T.M Imran and Mr. Calcote Miller went one on one with each other. Last week saw both Imran and Miller take some devastating losses, with Imran losing to Wrogan Light while Miller ended up gettng eliminated from the Gedo Classic II by Code Blue. Both men tonight were obviously looking to rebound from last week's losses, and it ended up being the True Megastar who did so, earning a victory over the World Class Working Class Gentleman ahead of his match with Erick Koeman next week.
T.M Imran (10) def. Mr. Calcote Miller (0)

Non-Title Champion vs. Champion: Anders Leviathan vs. Petite Jupiter
Finally, in Firestorm 79's main event, we saw a huge Champion vs. Champion match, with the FBE Intercontinental Champion squaring off with the FBE Junior Heavyweight Champion. Everybody in FBE has been impressed with the performances that Anders Leviathan has been putting out week in and week out, and this matcb here could truly serve to elevate the Maelstrom from a Junior Heavyweight star to one of the best performers in the company today. Unfortunately for Leviathan however, the night ended up belonging to the Shining Light, as he earned himself a huge victory by defeating his fellow champion.
Petite Jupiter def. Anders Leviathan by Forfeit

Huge thanks to everybody who participated in this show, whether you voted on the matches or booked in them yourselves. Hell, even if you just read a booking and didn't even vote, thank you too, because without all of you, FBE wouldn't be the way that it is. (Though next time, vote.) We'll see you next week as we pause our World Tour and head back to North America for a special Dia de Los Muertos edition of Firestorm! And of course, remember to STAY ELITE! FBE F-F-F-F-F-FOR LIFE!!!
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2021.10.23 21:00 Shadowychaos I created a package to generate DHCP configurations by pulling data from PHPIPAM

I made this package in an attempt to automate my DHCP service as well as let my automation tools handle firing a new DHCP server back up in the event of failure. This package will pull requested data from PHPIPAM to use in the DHCP configuration file. The configuration file is basic as it's what I use in my home network, but easily changeable at any time.
Here's the link to the package: https://github.com/shadowychaos/phpipam-dhcp-config-generator
Let me know what you think as it was one of the first projects I started and have spent some time cleaning it up and making improvements, so all advice is welcome!
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2021.10.23 21:00 turntkebab looks like he likes my laces

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2021.10.23 21:00 Amount__less Laying down on console is crazy difficult sometimes

U just can't lay down while crouched and sometimes u can't fucking do it at all because some 5cm rock is in the way
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2021.10.23 21:00 ShowNoteBot Sorry, I’m not a fan of Babs…

She raised that thing, she created it. She enables the fuck out of her. She lays in bed with her and treats her like a child.
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