Next Wilder!

2021.10.23 21:52 tim04 Next Wilder!

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2021.10.23 21:52 tytyd50 Do you believe a more widespread education of gun safety as a form of gun control?

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2021.10.23 21:52 sleepyperidot Most of my begonias. So proud of them.

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2021.10.23 21:52 Wthomasw LZ x RTR CONFIRMED

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2021.10.23 21:52 YetWeWillAllDie The inside of the pomelo.

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2021.10.23 21:52 thapojodojo Live with a First Playthrough of L4D 1!

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2021.10.23 21:52 GrapeWater48 My Instagram Account Got Hacked by A Crook

Hello everyone, I know that posting this here will probably not help my situation at all but I think you guys can understand how desperate I am right now. I've tried everything to get my account back: Contacting Instagram, filling out the surveys, trying to change the email. This hacker changed my email, password, and username. I can't explain how stressful this ordeal is because all of my family and friends follow me on Instagram. I even had multiple nosebleeds because of stress. If anyone who can help sees this I beg you, Please help. All I want is my account back if not at least deleted. I'm in college right now and going through a lot. Recently my mental health was recovering however, this current situation has driven me nuts. I am having suicidal thoughts because of it. I don't know what to do. If anyone is out there that can help me please do so. Thank you...
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2021.10.23 21:52 amila_87 the fact that you could think ur dating a girl just to find out in a few years that it’s a man is so…

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2021.10.23 21:52 Bambino_sharknado Why do you really want to quit subs?

I’m not judging nor being accusatory but why do you personally truly want to be off of Subs. At one point in time they were a lifesaver to stop the damage and cycle of addiction. Lately I’ve been stabilizing but here were some thoughts that have entered my mind on why I would like to eventually come off of them.

So these are reasons in my head (fleeting but I’m just being real) of why I can see myself getting off subs. Not to say I would go use again but on subs we are all kind of maxed out on what we can feel. I’m not used to that and haven’t been in over a decade.
Anyone else help share some reasons why you truly want off of subs. Are all of you just wanting off to be off of taking a substance or can anyone relate to what I’ve felt above?
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2021.10.23 21:52 AdawgzYT I made a drill beat

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2021.10.23 21:52 dmnte Best paid and remote security jobs in the future

What are your opinions on which security jobs blue or red will be done remotely and will be highest paying in the future?
Right now penetration tester seems to be one that is often done remotely and can be paid well, but although it probably will never go away there is alot of talk about AI tools and automation eating away at it in the future.
On the blue side it seems that SOC analyst roles are moving more to being remote but they seems to not be that highly paid and often a stepping stone to a more specialised position.
What are other's opinions?
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2021.10.23 21:52 stormstg We should buy this guy a t!nder subscription

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2021.10.23 21:52 LucianLegacy t shirt came

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2021.10.23 21:52 MrNerd32 what image was used for the ad-stronaut?

i was wondering what astronaut image was used for the ad-stronaut. that's about it
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2021.10.23 21:52 Life_Maximum385 For my birthday, My mother bought herself and me the same present (a pair of shoes I requested). She’s having them both delivered to my home. Why do I not feel excited or special because of this?

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2021.10.23 21:52 Lribbs 🍞

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2021.10.23 21:52 dbenzev What is this at the Top of a mountain in Vermont around pine trees?

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2021.10.23 21:52 jackieedaniels I feel like you all would appreciate this. My husband and I are first time homeowners and we wanted to show our families pictures of our new home. We decided to pose our skeleton (we named it Scully) in various rooms to show our family/friends. Scully is living their best life

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2021.10.23 21:52 milksheikh19 How to avoid headaches while playing?

Hey guys, I am a high school player in the US who plays tennis at least twice a week. After I play matches, I get these throbbing headaches that last the rest of the day. Is it an endurance problem? Dehydration? How do I avoid these headaches? Thanks!
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2021.10.23 21:52 Fragrant_Spirit_6298 Con Law II Hypos/ Practice Exams

Hi fam,
I usually like to incorporate hypos as part of my studying during the semester and I’m finding it difficult to find these for Con Law II. I save my professor’s practice exam until the end of semester, I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to help out with any practice exams or hypos they might have. Please let me know, thanks!
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2021.10.23 21:52 felixkt3 Bikini Babe

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2021.10.23 21:52 isntwilmer Trying to Find one of Leafy's Old Commentary Background Songs

What is the song of one of leafy's old commentary background music? (ex: if you increase the volume, you can hear it, & yes i edited out the cutted parts & put it into one)
I've been trying to find the song for months, tried shazaming multiple times, tried searching through leafy's past tweets of screenshots of him showing the editing, hoping it shows the song name on the top of the "Project Media" in vegas pro, even trying to recreate the song with my voice hoping google voice can detect what song it is.
Does anyone know the song name? It'll be appreciated if someone knows it & tells it in the comments, Thanks!
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2021.10.23 21:52 Acorn-Acorn It's EXTREMELY annoying when someone's team, side, or people lose then argue something like: "yeah basically my guy should've won if life was more unfair against the opponent and circumstances were in favor of my mine".

Sports fans, E-sports/games, drama at school, fights and arguments, or anything literally in life with "sides" to a conflict where one side wins and the other loses results in extremely annoying people starting a rebuttal with "They only won because..." Then proceeds to explain how the factors weren't on their side's favor.
NO. SHIT. SHERLOCK. That's how literally EVERY FUCKING THING works that's ever existed. "Nah bro, if [the factors were in my guy's favor] they would've easily won." o.o* Bro dude. The Rock can kick my fucking ass because he's The Rock and I'm not. I'm not going to say "If I trained just as hard as he did, and the planets aligned then I'd kick his ass" as if to basically say "he didn't win" and undermine his ability to kick my ass, then I'm an idiot.
Your team lost. They lost because they weren't better. Why they weren't better doesn't matter. It's so annoying when someone just doesn't accept defeat and they're arguing how if the factors were in their favor they would've won.
If life was fair, then everyone would be equal strength and there wouldn't be a champion based on superiority in anything. It would be chance if everything was fair. Since life isn't fair, and one person can train more with better equipment, and has better genetics, and a trillion/infinite amount of other factors going on, then why do people use the "chance" argument when their "side" loses?
The truth is, people enjoy unfairness. That's why people often root for a big badass they know is really good. It's unfair, and they know they'll win, and they know if someone wins then it's random chance or factors didn't line up aka, the playing field was evened out. Your guy and their guy both have the power to be blessed by the chances of chaos in reality. When favor doesn't go your fucking way just seethe and accept defeat. Your favorite sports team lost, your favorite E-sports team lost, your favorite person in class lost the debate/fight, and whatever else because they were inferior, REGARDLESS of why. It doesn't matter. They lost and accept defeat.
Competition is rooted in unfairness, reality is unfair, and you must accept defeat and losses. You lost and accept it. I accept it and it doesn't matter why when it comes to sports or watching E-sports. They lost, they lost, and they lost. They didn't do as good, and it doesn't matter why. Accept it.
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2021.10.23 21:52 SuperiorFreak I’m still amused everytime I remember the name of the Capital of Demacia.

“The great City of Demacia”, indeed...
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2021.10.23 21:52 North_star Price check on a 5/5 cold facet?

Have any ideas?
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