Randomly have the night off, any one wanna meet up somewhere and play games? Near golden, but am down to drive a bit.

The official video for “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley “Never Gonna Give You Up” was a global smash on its release in July 1987, topping the charts ... Some boys have a hard time with this one so I’m going to clear things up for you. If this girls is pushing away from you or has her arms and legs crossed, sadly she has no interest in you…Sorry. However, if she is leaning in toward you, wants your shoulder to lean on, or is openly touching any part of you, well, you’ve struck gold. Y87.org synthesizes new and best y8 games, for all who love play online y8 games at Y8.com. includes collection of io games, crazy games, y8 cooking games, y8 soccer, y8 fashion, y8 shooting, y8 action game, y8 car game, y8 puzzle game . Play free online game at Y87.org now! Now that you have more 3 party members to choose from, someone will be left behind. The person you chose to stay behind will randomly show up on one of the floors of the dungeon your currently exploring. Talk to the party member to receive an item, the Fox is also there offering to heal you for a price.

2021.10.23 22:04 GartronJones Randomly have the night off, any one wanna meet up somewhere and play games? Near golden, but am down to drive a bit.

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2021.10.23 22:04 all_updates_failed [Mississauga, ON] [H] LGA 2011 motherboard, EVGA DG-73, lga 2011 cpus, Phanteks PH-TC14PE, 4TB hdds. [W] Cash, PayPal, i5 10600(any)

Cleaning up some stuff to make room for other stuff. Time stamps

Supermicro X9SRL-F motherboard with an Xeon E5-2667 and 16gb ecc memory. Had been in use on and off for a few years, currently have no use for it. $200 - cooler does not come with it but I do have the i/o cover.
EVGA DG-73 - Was used with the above motherboard. plastic protectors are still on the front cover and side window. $60
Xeon E5 cpus -
E5-2620 - $10
E5- 2630 - $15 each or both for $20
E5-2640 - $20
Phanteks PH-TC14PE - fits 2011/2011-3 square ILM sockets, pretty sure would work on 1366. - $40
Seagate 4TB 5.9k rpm drives, no idea how many hours are on them, both checked for errors in windows and are good. $40 each
Would prefer local for the motherboard and case as I dont have boxes big enough for either. But everything is + shipping.
Would also trade for an i5 10600, any version (k, kf or base)
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2021.10.23 22:04 Kratos_907 Tips for welding?

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2021.10.23 22:04 corndaddyz Moving to another floor in a building, how do I make moving easier?

I live in a student housing building and my roommates have been harassing. Fortunately my building will let me move in with new roommates on another floor.
I have a lot of stuff though. From tiny stickers, pins and figurines to desks, mini fridge and freezer, etc. What is the easiest way to move all of this stuff to another floor? What is also a way to efficiently pack everything?
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2021.10.23 22:04 jpbourdeau Question about fan speeds / temp

Hi, I have a 6x1660 super rig. I can get the gpu temps at 48 degrees with 70% fans or 55 degrees with fans at 50%. What should I choose/prioritize?
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2021.10.23 22:04 SnixPlaysAlot The plastic helmet and the attached hose are a beauty treatment from 1941 involving a vacuum. Was discontinued due to woman passing out from lack of oxygen.

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2021.10.23 22:04 score1776 39[M4F] Ohio - Gonna make it a movie and drink night

I'm looking for an interesting, funny, intelligent chat friend. Someone that writes full sentences. Someone who really wants to get to know someone. Eventually move to some chat app, maybe voice chat. Send a blurb with a few interests, pic if possible. I'm ex military, world traveled, professional. I'm pretty goofy, sarcastic, but I can talk about deeper things as well. I'm just a go with the flow of the conversation type. Here is my pic https://imgur.com/8EibaWd Stuff I like • LCD Soundsystem, Cold War Kids, The Wombats, White Reaper, Indie Rock • Goodfellas, Chinatown, Full Metal Jacket, The Goonies
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2021.10.23 22:04 Forcer777 The legendary hallway scene. I had to get it painted for my display case!

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2021.10.23 22:04 elllllie_ Freshman Admissions Question (See question in Pics 2&3)

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2021.10.23 22:04 programmrz Expo Web not giving me 1 of 1 rendering. Any tips?

Expo Web not giving me 1 of 1 rendering. Any tips? Left is expo web, right is expo iOS. I cant figure how I lose positioning, border radius among other things. Any help?
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2021.10.23 22:04 GibberingMawBeast Ewwww.

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2021.10.23 22:04 theman_themyth1313 guy at gamestop was kind enough to give me and extra so whoever can guess my fav pokémon gets it. hint dragon type

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2021.10.23 22:04 GovernorOfReddit Labor and supply shortages likely to persist, economists tell Baltimore business leaders

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2021.10.23 22:04 throwawayanother89 Do you feel supported in your community? Have ideas you’d like to share? We’re a group of local youth wanting to hear from you

Hi everyone, I’m apart of a group called Apathy is Boring, and we’re currently conducting surveys to hear from community members all across Winnipeg. We welcome everyone to take part but are especially interested in hearing from youth aged 18-30. Our main goal in hearing your voices is to strengthen Winnipeg’s resilience and allyship by finding out what the community needs. If you have 5-10 minutes we’d really appreciate if you fill in this anonymous survey that I’ll link in the comments. There is more info found there. Thank you all so much!
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2021.10.23 22:04 Theholynun Alolan Marowak please?

Can someone please invite me to an Alolan Marowak raid please? I am stuck in the middle of nowhere and I need a Marowak to add to my list. Please.
1053 9677 9075
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2021.10.23 22:04 puzzle_zebra1984 I'm looking for iron, I had to restart my island. I don't have much in return, but can give you some ☺️

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2021.10.23 22:04 msbashmore Rescue hippo cousins

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2021.10.23 22:04 salmoff Help for BIS 2A w/ Kopp

Hey so I just had a midterm for BIS 2A w/ Professor Kopp and I didn't do so well. I read the textbook and watched outside Youtube videos to understand the concepts but I have trouble understanding and paying attention to his lectures. Does anyone have any tips on how I can do better for the next midterm and final?
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2021.10.23 22:04 El-Sueco HDR Global Headquarters - Omaha, NE (Mavic 2 Pro)

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2021.10.23 22:04 blazing_streak99 Sports bars/pubs

As the Cricket world cup is going on, are there any bars/pubs in Aberdeen hosting live match telecast?
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2021.10.23 22:04 Wir3d_ Injecting roms into fake cartridges

Hi guys, first of all i just want to apologize for my grammar from the moment that english is not my first language... anyway:
I just brought some bootleg pokemon gba cartridges from eBay (i just can't afford the official one), the problem is that the games are only playable in english language and i was wondering if it was possible to flash an italian version of the rom with an r4 and a nintendo ds lite from the moment that as i know is possible to inject save stats... as long that is not an official cartridge i think that should be possible, isn't it?
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2021.10.23 22:04 easyday52 Will working with my (19f) “ex” (20m) bring back old feelings?

Hi everyone! This summer I (19f) met a guy (20m) at work, and we became close. I started crushing, and two weeks before I left for school I told him about my feelings. He was very professional about everything and we agreed to talk about it more when I left. After leaving the job he asked me out and we went on about 6 dates. Everything was going great, and I really fell for him and vice versa. However, once school got super busy I started to be really hot and cold with him. I was really stressed with school and my mental health definitely started to suffer. That resulted in me being constantly busy and not communicating with him as much. I realized that it isn’t fair to him to keep this relationship going so I had to break it off. But I made sure to clearly let him know that it was all on me, and that it was nothing about him. I let him know everything that I was going through mentally, and luckily he completely understood. He took it as well as I could have hoped and we ended things on good terms.
Here’s the thing, in December I’m gonna go back to work with him just for a couple weeks. I need a job when I’m on break from school, and that job pays so well I have to go back. When I broke things off with him I let him know that I’m looking forward to working with him again, but I would understand if he didn’t want to be around me at that time. He said that he wouldn’t avoid me if we do work together.
While I know we can be professional at work, do you think working with him will bring back those serious feelings? I still have feelings for him, but I realize that I’m not in a headspace to date right now. I assume that my feelings won’t be too strong by then, but could being around him more often again cause problems?
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2021.10.23 22:04 kuynernews Hachu advice for Twitch Viewer. @hachubbytv #hachubby

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2021.10.23 22:04 satxpolitics San Antonio Theater Dances Back After Pandemic - Blogcritics

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2021.10.23 22:04 LM_Joshy Ghost Squeak sus

If Blue Squeak =Ruffs saliva
Yellow Squeak = Pee
Then, White Squeak = *

Don't say don't say don't say
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