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What movie was it where Hulk went to Sakaar?

2021.09.21 11:01 TheHopelessOne91 What movie was it where Hulk went to Sakaar?

I guess that's the Grand Master's planet's name. Or was that off screen?
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2021.09.21 11:01 Empty_suitcSe Is there a way to earn anything on aUST received from using anchor earn?

Title says it all really, just looking for some low risk options to earn a little extra.
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2021.09.21 11:01 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.21 11:01 JobHuntersMod1 The latest company going remote: SoFi

Hi JobHunters! Here is the latest company that is going remote:
🚀 SoFi
🚀 Remote Work Policy - Optional
🚀 CEO Anthony Noto said it a tweet, "Going forward, SoFi is proud to enable employees to work with their leaders/managers to determine the best place for each individual to work from."
🚀 Check out the latest list of companies embracing remote work on Building Remote: https://theremoteinterns.com/building-remote-companies
Are there any companies that you are excited about going remote?
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2021.09.21 11:01 Goronja LR PHY Bardock EZA

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2021.09.21 11:01 lexx8217 Тело 12-летней девочки НАШЛИ на стройке в Сахалинской области

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2021.09.21 11:01 KhaledJongUn Harrison First #NFTuesday Scavenger Hunt | Hosted By The Decentraland Report | Decentraland Events

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2021.09.21 11:01 the_exhalted_one Diamondhands! 💎👐 US Premarket Action - 21st September

Diamondhands! 💎👐 US Premarket Action - 21st September Good morning all!
After following the premarket posts for other markets from the likes of Parsnip I started tracking the US Premarket over on the Gherkinit Discord. After doing this for a few weeks, I started tracking more stats throughout the day to hopefully see if we can make some form of predictions towards how the market will fair volume wise compared to previous days. Updates may be delayed my a few minutes on occasion, but all data will be from on the hour.
Post will be updated on the hour with the market close update delayed. This will read top to bottom. I'll leave all previous updates so they can be referred to at later points during the day.
Todays Info:
I don't believe we'll see as much premarket volume today as we did yesterday, but Wednesday is the next interesting day as the Chinese market reopens after their public holiday so we can see how the entire market reacts to the recent news and events.
5am Update:
My data for market volume comes from Marketwatch. Other sites may show the volume slightly differently however this is what I've used since day one so needs to be continued for comparison.*
I do not recommend using Marketwatch for anything other then PM data. Their datasource has been reliable for me, as NASDAQ premarket page is usually around 20-25 minutes behind in data which can cause inconsistencies.
While the "shares available to borrow" metric is not necessarily useful, it is something else that can be tracked to create trends which is why it's included in my data. This does not show if we are going to get a dip, as this is not necessarily used to short - it can be used by both sides.
Shares available to borrow data comes directly from Crazy Awesome Company
All trends / predictions and price information come from my own historic data. I don't know of anywhere to get any data other then what I have collected, and so far I only have this deep amount of data for August.
I do not receive any form of payment or compensation for providing these updates, I simply do them for the love of the stock.
Nothing mentioned in this post is financial advise, I am not a fiduciary - just a guy who likes spreadsheets. It may turn out over a longer period that there is no direct correlation in the PM and Market data, however this is still interesting information for entertainment purposes and gives people something to follow while waiting for the market to open.
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2021.09.21 11:01 InitialDizzy7850 Arras bug

I cant post any replies ona ny suberddit !
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2021.09.21 11:01 Rollerama99 You can't use Oculus store credit and a discount code - FIX

Ok so probably not many people find themselves in this situation but some do, as I did. Oculus took two months to return my faulty Quest and after complaining they gave me 25€ store credit, and a few days later, a 30% discount code. Now I didn't really want or need any games at the time, but I had my eye on one and didn't want to lose the code, so I tried to buy a game and it kept failing over and over again. After a bit of research (not even Oculus chat knew) you can't use the discount code and store credit together, and the discount code only lasts about 3 days, and you can't NOT use store credit if you have it. So I bought 2 games, one with store credit, and one with the discount code, and then refunded the game I bought with my store credit, so I managed to only buy one game with the discount code and keep the store credit. Hope that tip helps someone.
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2021.09.21 11:01 flippydifloop Wanted people’s opinion on this item

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2021.09.21 11:01 kaimadesclone Hi, anyone want to be friends with me

Hi, my name is Kai, I'm 16 turning 17 in january, in college after summer holidays. I'm an animator, artist and an idiot with an imagination. I like gumball, regular show, ren and stimpy, adventrue time too I like bill wurtz, jaiden animations and memes... I play Minecraft sometimes but not alot I like dreams and dreaming and talking about dreams and lucid dreaming even though I can't. I don't have discord because I like reddit chat better I have switch, My switch code is SW-7018-2609-2601
So if you are interested, just say hi I hope you have a nice day or night :)
Please don't be younger than 16
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2021.09.21 11:01 havetomakeit is everything okay with r/6ix9ine 💀

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2021.09.21 11:01 SqueezeMeTwice Diamond Hands 🤚 but u nable to comment. Need Karma and happy to return the favor. 💯

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2021.09.21 11:01 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.21 11:01 silvergalaxies tfw facebook thinks you're a boomer

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2021.09.21 11:01 widmerpool_nz Karolina Kurkova's apartment in the River Lofts building in Tribeca, NYC

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2021.09.21 11:01 hvyas1 Minesweeper

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2021.09.21 11:01 Illustrious_Pitch_83 Are you stupid

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2021.09.21 11:01 AgreeableAd7269 Innerve mun

INNERVE MUN 2021 officially opens the Delegate Applications.
Prizes per commitee: Best Delegate- Boat Speakers High Commendation- Boat Airdopes Best Reporter - Trophy + Boat Airdopes Best Caricaturists - Trophy + Boat Airdopes Best Movie Maker - Trophy + Boat Airdopes
Delegate Fees: ₹250
Committees to be simulated:
UNITED NATIONS GENERAL ASSEMBLY - DISEC Chairperson- Mr. Priyanshu Grover Vice Chairperson- Mr. Vedansh Arora Co-Vice Chairperson - Mr. Adhyayan Aggarwal
Agenda- Weapons of Mass Destruction
UNITED NATIONS HUMAN RIGHTS COMMITTEE Chairperson - Mr. Adarsh Kumar Vice Chairperson - Ms. Isha Kukreja Co Vice Chairperson- Mr. Chaitanya Gupta
Agenda- Eliminating Discrimination Against Children And Parents Based On Sexual Orientation And/Or Gender Identity
ALL INDIA POLITICAL PARTIES MEET (AIPPM) Moderator- Mr. Samman Vardhan Deputy-Moderator- Mr. Vishwas Gupta
Agenda: 7 Years of National Democratic Alliance (NDA)
ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL COUNCIL Chaiperson - Mr. Nishkarsh Bareja Vice Chairperson- Ms. Sanya Malik Co-Vice Chairperson- Ms. Aditee Vartak
Agenda : Post covid economic conditions
HARRY POTTER - JOINT CRISIS COMMITTEE Chairperson - Mr. Vinayak Pundir Vice - Chaiperson - Mr. Sargam Jain
Agenda: Classified
INTERNATIONAL PRESS Head of IP - Mr. Ronit Dhansoia Editor-in-Chief- Ms. Shreya Chatterjee
Dates: 1st & 2nd October, 2021
Training session will be provided to first timers
School Registration Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScOGIwEvGCd-TSsvFMiPTN9EbEL6YfMLRc17TLhq_eAuQjJ8Q/viewform Individual Registration Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSerQen0zYjcgokB9uXN7MQdjRnnbtgNif_rRFee5Cr9FbZXxg/viewform International Press Registration Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8EqZ4RZvuNVLoJYO7sPJ7JYxXcOVYYbydI5yJz82_eKNbPg/viewform
Social Media Handles: ▫️ Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/innervemun/ ▫️ Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/innervemun/?utm_medium=copy_link
For queries, feel free to contact: ▪️ Ansh Semwal (Secretary General): 7838353933 ▪️ Sahil Batra (Director General): 8587817156 ▪️ Diya Sher (USG Delegate Affairs): 9540761112
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2021.09.21 11:01 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.21 11:01 Abhi_ruj Is I am only one who is irritated because of placement of this auto translation at top, due to this the original text space is bit lower and due to habit I accidentally pressing okay instead of going to chat.

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2021.09.21 11:01 overlordmasterzargon H: BELVC Fixer W: @cid Offers

H: BELVC Fixer W: @cid Offers
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2021.09.21 11:01 AllCouponFree Java Programming: Complete Beginner to Advanced

Free Certification Course Title: Java Programming: Complete Beginner to Advanced
Enroll Here: https://allcouponfree.com/java-programming-complete-beginner-to-advanced-4/?utm_source=SocialAutoPoster
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2021.09.21 11:01 agxtheb Message from spirit guides or something else ?

Hi :) . I'm posting a message here because some very strange things are happening to me right now at night when I'm trying to fall asleep. For the past few months, just before I go to sleep I tell my spirit guides that I give them permission to contact me or send me messages during my dreams. Yesterday as I was falling asleep, I felt as if gravity no longer existed. I don't know how to explain this feeling but it's like being on a roller coaster and feeling like you're flying away. I also felt my legs rise up, as if they were floating in the air. After that I heard a woman talking, quite loudly, I couldn't really understand what she was saying. I also heard footsteps and in my head I could hear and see several people running. I wanted to ask you what this could be? Have you ever experienced anything like this? I was not completely asleep when it happened to me and I can't really understand the message that is being sent to me.
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