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2021.09.21 11:04 AugustasKem Differences between Saints Row (2006) and Saints Row 2

Good day, everyone!
Today I came up with a neat post to talk about various differences between SR1 and it's sequel. Why making such post? Mainly because I was wondering about this before I got to play SR1. The game was Xbox exclusive, so not everyone had a chance to play it. There are many interesting things to notice about the first game and the second one, so I'll start off with the visuals:
SR1 has arguably better visuals than SR2. -It seems that SR2 has washed out visuals and depend on HDR techniques. No idea why they downgraded, but mytheory is that they wanted a better optimized game, and SR1 graphics ate too many resources (this was a short one, don't want to talk too much about that, since you need to see it for yourself. There are a few comparison videos on youtube if you'd like to see the differences between the two).
-Saints Row 1, hands down, has better character models. No kidding, aside main characters, pedestrians look strange. Female pedestrians look whack. It makes me think that Volition just slapped asian face architecture on all females and called it a day. Most of them look like they have the same face (narrow eyes) and awful makeup.
-Better lightning effects. Not kuch can be said about it, other than the fire effects feel more real and car explosions are nothing but a satisfaction in SR1. They're good in SR2 as well, but SR1 did it sliiiightly better (probably minor differences to save the perfomance as well)!

Differences of old Stilwater and the new, Ultor'ised Stilwater: As many of you know, Stilwater faced many changes in a span of two years... Or three years. The city often faces issues with earthquakes, so this bay be the case of huge changes. I'm only gonna cover the areas that changed the most, since the whole city got many new things in over two years. These changes are, thanks to Ultor:
-In 2006, the western parts of Stilwater are divided by hills and mountains. The south-western part of Stilwater, in Arena district, there is a long green area full of trees. The northern west is sort of the same, only more narrow and less flat. In 2008 (SR2), these hills and green areas are gone, all of them got replaced by expansioned districts. Suburbs district was expanded, although I am not sure about the Stilwater University district. It seems like the university was simply isolated from the rest of the city due to old architecture and not-very-so-new buildings.
-In SR1, Stilwater has a small airport compared to SR2, which now has a whole International Airport. 2006 Stilwater's airport has many hangars, a single runway and one tower. Everything else is surrounded with gates.
-Ultor demolished the old Saints Row and turned it into a luxurious futuristic district. In Saints Row 1, Saints Row district was full of many abandoned buildings and the infamous Saints Church. These abandoned buildings seem to be Italian restaurants, so my guess that this place many years ago was a fancy district too.

Other differences in the two games:
-Most people do not know, but Saints Row 1 has no motorcycles. Or any other type of vehicles aside good ol' cars.
-Saints Row 1 has barber salons, in SR2 they were merged with plastic surgeon Imagine As Designed. Which is a shame, really. It doesn't make sense to me why I have to make a plastic surgery just to shave my head. Ah, well it doesn't matter much, most haircuts doesn't look so appealing in SR2 compared to first game. Speaking about character visuals...
-Saints Row 1 arguably has better clothes. Look, if you hate baggy clothes, I fully understand you. But that's not it. I see this issue in other games too, but clothing types in SR1 has a thing that other games doesn't: Your character can change it's shape with it's apparel. Seriously, baggy clothes, Chino pants lifted right below your chest. Plus, the first game clothes had Havok physics, meaning coats will swing if you run around. Saints Row 2, however, doesn't use any physics on clothes. Most of clothes look like they're glued to your body, or as some say, painted on you. There are barely any baggy clothes, most of them look boring compared to what SR1 had to offer. But that's my opinion. In reality, Volition went with quantity over quality with character customization in the sequel.
-In SR1, there is a Hijacking activity, which is not present in SR2. In this activity, you have to find a car marked on your map, chase it down and take it back to one of the garages while either one of the gangs or authorities try to shoot your hijacked car down. From what I can gather, this activity was merged with chop shop activity in Saints Row 2.
-Street racing activity in SR1 was changed in the sequel. In SR1, you have to bring your car to the activity location, where you'll be spawned in a racing course with other opponents. Simply put, street racing. SR1 used these burning fuel lines for checkpoints, which worked better than flying orbs for checkpoints in SR2. Speaking about SR2, races got scattered all over the city. You don't have to bring your own car, as the game will give you one. Now, you not just have to race in cars, there will be helicopters, planes and motorcycles (Helicopter races are awful-).
-Activities in SR1 are much harder than SR2. In SR1, there are a total of 8 levels to complete, and most of them will make you scream the living crap out of your lungs.
-SR2 has no metro transit feature. In SR1, you could visit one of the Stilwater's finest Transit depots to travel to one of the other stations in the city. Me, personally, I really liked this feature, as it was quick method of travelling from point A to point B. There were taxis to call, yes, but it wasn't a bad feature.
-SR2 taxi drivers are Australians. What do i mean by that? In SR1, you sit in the back of the taxi. In SR2, Playa will always sit next to the driver. Probably just an oversight by Volition.
-In SR1, you can rob stores, and stores close down at midnight. Cool, but sometimes annoying feature. I have mixed feelings for it, but I sure liked to break into a liquor store from behind, jack the safe and steal the goods.
-There is no purchasable property in SR1. You can unlock more cribs by destroying one of the rival gangs. ANd no, these cribs aren't customizable, but they aren't just penthouses or lofts. Yeah, you can unlock two mansions in the game. And I like mansions, there are many cribs to purchase in SR2, yet all of them are lofts! And no, you cannot buy stores in the first game.
-Activites had cutscenes in SR1, in SR2 they're replaced by in-game cutscenes.
-For some reason (maybe it's just me) but car physics are really jumpy in SR2 compared to SR1. I'm not gonna start talking about SR2 helicopter physics...
-There are many cars in SR1 that had never re-appeared in other Saints Row games.
-Car dealerships are not as good in SR2 as they were in SR1. In SR2, cars that are being sold can be found on the streets roaming around. In SR1, however, car dealerships sell exclusive cars that can never be found roaming the streets of Stilwater. Also, in SR1, you can select the colour of your purchasable vehicle, in SR2 it's randomized.
-No taunts in SR1.
-After completing certain activities, the game will reward you with special types of weapons. SR1 had an arsenal of what I would call "pimped out" weapons, for example, Platinum T3K and Golden GDHC .50. SR2 has these futuristic weapons, that in my opinion, look weird today (except GAL 43).
Radio Stations in SR1 that do not appear in SR2:
-The Kronic 92.2 (Hip-hop and Rap)
-The Rock FM 94.8 (Mainly old-school rock music)
-The Faction FM 99.8 (Modern Rock and Alternative Rock)
-Sizzurp FM 101.69 (Hip-Hop station) Fun fact: Although this radio station is not present in SR2, it has advertisements in the sequel, probably because this radio station was cut in SR2.
-WMD KBOOM FM (Conservative talk radio station)

And that's pretty much it! There are many other things I didn't mention, either I forgot about them, or that they weren't that interesting or they contain spoilers. But yeah, those are the differences between the first two games. If there's anything else you'd like to mention, I'll be glad to see them put down in the comments. Thank you and have a good day!
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2021.09.21 11:04 liinexy Pee in a litterbox

Ok let me explain my reasoning to why its equal. It would be shameful to stoop down to a cats level and use a litterbox. That's why I posted the question.
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2021.09.21 11:04 the-real-tinkerbell Anyone used a knee scooter on a train before?

I’ve recently injured myself badly and have been provided a knee scooter by ACC to help me get around because I’m struggling to walk. I use trains to commute and I have no idea how practical it will be to get the scooter onto and off the train. I know there’s wheelchair ramps but don’t know if I would need that and if I did need it how to use it? Hoping someone here might have had this experience before or a similar loved experience and is able to help out by letting me know how they got around on trains with one?
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2021.09.21 11:04 zoro_lost Buff Miya

All mm got a buff miya doesn't even though her new skin is coming soon so this is not fair. My suggestion is whenever she use her 1st skill her movement speed also increase by 30% of her movement speed for 50% time of her 1st skill duration so she can escape and chase enemy easier since her ulti have long cd
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2021.09.21 11:04 snakeh1ps Spotify Appple Watch app needs better support for Podcasts

Been using my Apple Watch with Spotify for the gym, it's a godsend not having to have the phone with me.
But podcasts on the Spotify watch app are a nightmare to use.
First, they don't sync progress with the phone app at all.
And because of this even if you remember where you've left off there's no option to scrub through a 3+ hour long podcast other than tapping the +15s button until your thumb falls off.
If anone from Spotify is reading this please - for the love of god - can you implement these two simple features that other watch apps \cough* pocketcasts *cough** have implemented from the get go without any issues?
- a frustrated premium subscriber
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2021.09.21 11:04 post_azadi The denial of rape by soldiers in Kashmir by the likes of Shekhar Gupta illustrates the impunity enjoyed by the Armed Forces

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