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Can't invite anyone to join my kingdom?

2021.09.21 10:51 tachevy Can't invite anyone to join my kingdom?

I played Bannerlord since beta and once I beat the game I stopped for about a year. I've been playing it now again (1.6.2) and recently got offered to become king of the Vlandians due to my awesomeness and apparently because now everyone can die (including our king)?! But, I'm at that point of the game where it's an endless war grind and I can't really progress. I was thinking I can just get people to join my kingdom but the option doesn't even appear when talking to lords. Is this because I'm part of an existing kingdom? Can I only do this if I build my own kingdom?
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2021.09.21 10:51 chrispybum A nice combo!

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2021.09.21 10:51 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.21 10:51 abjinternational [100% off]Ubuntu Linux Desktop Basics

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2021.09.21 10:51 christianwhite_o Christian White - FAME (official audio)

Listen to Christian White - Fame (official audio) by ChristianWhiteVEVO on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/kV375
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2021.09.21 10:51 Independent-Layer660 Gabby Petito Found Dead | Full Story | Unsolved #gabbypetito #brianlaundrie #unsolved

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2021.09.21 10:51 Environmental-Bug419 Need serious answers only

I'm in the bath and I opened a pack of oreos becuz I'm brocken and half of the oreo was gone but its still submerged in the yummy while chocolate cum what does this mean spiritually
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2021.09.21 10:51 Toorte What makes a solo Actual Play interesting ?

Hey there, I'm thinking about doing a AP of my soloRPGs but... It's a strange practice. There is a lot in here (rules, improvisation, RP-moment and thinking-moment, heavy narrative and sometimed heavy mechanic moments...), it's really like a book reading mixed with video-games ? And also you are alone, so it's not so easy to make it feel "alive", like a classic ttrpg group would.
So I wanna know, according to you, what do you expect from a recorded game ? You want the rules ? Just the narrative parts ? A mixed of those ? What throws you out of it ? The big "'Nono" for you ?
(I know everyone's gonna have a different take on it, but I wanna hear the different sides, pros and cons, to maybe better understand were I stand. Ho and sorry if there is some broken english, I'm french)
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2021.09.21 10:51 CalmCryptographer778 How do I know what my gf wants and what do I do to fix things?

Two weeks back me (19m) and my gf (18f) of a little over a year broke up. Or rather, she broke up with me. It was following a small loss of trust incident the night before, but even she said that wasn’t the issue. I’m very confused with what she means and what she’s feeling, and honestly I would like for everything to work back out and us go back to a good relationship if possible.
I’ll try to keep it simple without losing details. About 3 weeks before the breakup we had a little fight and some rude comments meant to hurt were thrown by both of us, we made up, and I thought all was well. Communication was a little lower than normal, but with her and I both putting in more effort into school following a bad year, and for her, baton, I thought nothing of it. Both of us had better grades and better relationships with our families, and I thought we were getting better. She has struggled with depression and anxiety in the past, and in the beginning of our relationship I brought her out of the worst of it (according to her) and she was on and off her anti-depressants in the past few weeks. Little did I know, she was crying herself to sleep at night Bc she felt like I was done and wouldn’t listen. She mentioned a couple times that there were things I needed to work on, or she couldn’t do this. But we never got deep enough into it and bc she didn’t bring it up much I thought we were okay. She also mentioned a couple times that she couldn’t break up with me because she couldn’t stand the thought of me with another girl and that a break up would put her into the place she was before. But she kept revisiting the fact that I needed to fix my act as well as she needed to work on her baton (trying out for major schools majorette line) and other school things. Again, it never hit home Bc we both were struggling with communication following that argument. I didn’t realize however, that’s she was crying herself to sleep every night and abusing her anti-depressants again.
Okay so fast forward to the actual breakup
I text her a good morning and get ignored, however I see on Life360 she left the house. Neither of us use to entrap eachother, just in case something happens. I was puzzled but just left it. Text her a little later saying I would appreciate a response because I’d like to go out to dinner and tell her the surprise I had for her. (I had put together a plan the night before of how I was gonna get our relationship back on the right track. I really cared and so I wanted it to work. I had a gym plan, some nice dates, and a few meaningful gestures I knew she would love). She responds that I shouldn’t worry about it and that she needs a break to focus on everything that she has going on because she’s falling back into a dark place. I was confused and asked what she meant. And she then said that she guessed it was a breakup because a break pressures her to come back and she needed it off her mind. But then said she wasn’t saying she’s not, she just didn’t want a set time. And also said she wanted to stay friends. But she was still harsher than normal with her words. Knowing this I asked if I could get my sweatpants and hoodies from her house, thinking that an in person sit down could let me explain what my plan was and we’d be okay. She says okay, and I decide to grab her flowers before I arrive. I’ve never gotten her a bouquet that was as vibrant as the one I did that day, and the whole time in the car I was amazed at how pretty they were. 2 mins away from her house, she texts me not to show up and she can’t handle seeing me in person right now, which I was confused about but complied with. I dropped the flowers at her door, knocked, and sent her a text that I had left her something that I’d hope would make her feel better. I get a simple thanks back. She remains super short for the next few hours, and I just end up saying fuck it and call her. She’s shows ZERO emotion on the phone and tells me that I’m gonna hate her in a week anyways and I’ll probably be going to make her jealous soon after. I’m crying because everything hit at the moment and she behaves like I’m not even there. Couldn’t sleep that whole night and I was blocked on Snapchat within 5 minutes of me posting a picture of me and my grandmother at dinner, and her answer to that was again, “ I can’t handle seeing you right now.”
I don’t text her for a full day then text the next asking if I can get my clothes back. Again, rude, short and a little more anger this time. Conversation gets to a heated argument and she hangs up, and I decide to send her a last text outlining a few simple things. I tell her I still care and love her, I’m proud of what she’s accomplished, I’m here for support if she needs me, and I’d appreciate being friends. (Shortened obviously) Doesn’t go through, she blocked my number. Send it to her on Instagram the next day Bc I wanted to just clear the air and apologize for the words I used, and she responds in a short way.
Throughout the week I hear from her friends that she posted a couple tiktoks on her girls private about wanting a boy to dress up in Halloween costumes with for parties. Didn’t know what she meant, kinda confused. 99.99% sure that she’s not talking to another guy tho.
After a week has gone by, I text her in a response to her Instagram story about the haunted house her uncle owns. I said I’d still be glad to hell if he wanted Bc he had asked not too long ago. She said they were ahead of schedule and not to worry about it, and we had a little catch-up from the week. I’m still blocked everywhere else, and she’ll ignore where I ended with I love you, but it was a relatively pleasant conversation. She responded to everything immediately but still seemed kinda guarded. Again, her Instagram story has had some sad things such as healing, and I’ve had a couple remarks about tiktoks she’s posted referencing her wishing she had someone to do this stuff with. I would personally love to do it with her.
Here’s the thing, her posts that are public enough for me to see, she seems so happy, but ig it’s for the world to see so I shouldn’t judge it. She stated that she’s frustrated that people keep asking why she broke up with me, especially her family, and she said her response was “People ask and I’m like things don’t work out sometimes some people aren’t each other’s person at the moment.” (Is the at the moment important or am I reading into it too much?) Again, it was nice to have a pleasant conversation finally, but I did cut it short instead of letting it die. Additionally, when I texted her mom a thank you for everything she had done for me, her mom told me not to take it roughly, that we both have things that we needed to work on, and she watched us begin to stress eachother. She said that it still could be meant to be but we had to work alone for now, but she still did think I was a good guy and that she really appreciated everything I did for her and her daughter and that she had nothing bad to say about me.
I think this is all the details I can come up with that I believe to be important, but if there are any questions that would help, I can answer them for sure.
TL:DR - gf broke up with me Bc relationship was in a rough point that we both had a part to play in. She objectively has a lot on her plate right now and said she didn’t want to lose the opportunities she had, but wanted me to be her friend and alluded to getting back together. Many cryptic texts later I’m very confused and searching for some help
QUESTIONS - what should I be doing right now to help increase my chances? I really do love this girl and she was a lot of firsts for me, and I’d be willing to work on myself and do things to make it happen in a good way. - From a females point of view, what does it sound like she’s saying/wanting? She had repeatedly stated that this relationship had been the first one she felt truly secure and loved in, and I was a change to what she was used to, but now idek what she thinks - Do I ignore her so she misses me? Do I make her slightly jealous? Or do I make sure I’m visibly working on myself and show achieved goals? - Any advice you believe is helpful, it’s all very appreciated - Lastly, I struggle finding other girls attractive right now, and went as far to block girls I flirted with Bc I felt disgusted. I did get back on tinder and realized I’m looking for her in every girl and I get bored and get off. It’s just a time waster tbh. So any advice on that would be great. But if you think a forced move on or introducing another girl to my life is a bad idea please say so
I really appreciate y’all in advance, I know it’s a lot to ask, but when you want something to work, you try every option. I have a positive outlook atm, just looking for clarity now :)
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2021.09.21 10:51 Ysoserious- Can anyone notice a difference?

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2021.09.21 10:51 Consistent_Long1552 How do you play online local on NFS carbon?

Cracked or non cracked
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2021.09.21 10:51 Usagi2904 Behold! Epitaph Requiem?! by me

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2021.09.21 10:51 jplant91 Review: Toem (PS5) – Enchanting Black & White Photography Game is (almost) Picture-Perfect

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2021.09.21 10:51 Ariera226 [Oc]My two ocs fighting :o

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2021.09.21 10:51 ItsMeReine_ Grammar resources for a possible B1 level/pre-intermediate speaker?

My student has long lessons with me, she wants to cover all bases.. Grammar, reading etc. This is difficult if I don't know exactly what grammar to cover.. She speaks well but occasionally doesn't understand, I would say B1 level. Anyone have plans/materials for grammar that would be suitable for a pre intermediate adult student for a long lesson? She's not 100 percent sure what grammar she wants to focus on and just said, "grammar"..
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2021.09.21 10:51 abjinternational [100% off]Ubuntu Linux Desktop Basics

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2021.09.21 10:51 Roanhouse They said they had no celebrity look-a-likes, I said its because they are a fusion, a fusion dance

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2021.09.21 10:51 _WhoTheFuckAmI_ Can you please suggest me a mobile phone?

Preferably a phone with a decent camera and good battery life. I don't require much processing power as I don't play heavy games. A good screen is a plus point. Budget is around 30-40k. I don't mind going higher is the phone is worth it.
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2021.09.21 10:51 rhtkmr050 Dentist Naples for all types of teeth care

Shinesmile has Best Naples Dentists, Dr.Val Daniyar DMD provides the high quality and affordable dental care services throughout Naples & Southwest Florida for getting more information about best naples dentist visit:-https://www.shinesmile.com/val-daniyar-dmd
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2021.09.21 10:51 Investrology $23 is the PUT OPTION TRIGER FOR TODAY BUT $22.80+ is the bare minimal trigger entry point.

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