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i’m down to talk to anyone about whatever ! just hmu :]
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2021.09.21 11:20 byrcuk who likes injury reserve

Gotta be at least one of you mf’ers
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please unban my account
please call of duty i am begging you
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2021.09.21 11:20 GavinShahin Thought Dump On 5+1 Films I Watched These Past 4 Days (By order of watching: Inglorious Bastards, In the Heights, The Usual Suspects, The Cabin In the Woods, The Devil’s Advocate, Jungle Cruise)

Prologue: Sunday: The Playboy Catalyst
The online chat with my classmate Ebi (whom I have saved as “Chick Magnet”) takes a turn from the usual teasing about girlfriends to film talk. He talks about an action movie starring Brad Pitt, and I figure that he means Inglorious Basterds; he says that he wants to watch it and that we should set up a simultaneous movie watching session, and I, seeing the opportunity, agree.
You see, I am quite terrible at watching movies; for some reason I find it hard to convince my body to stay in one place for a prolonged amount of time. In consequence, I barely ever watch films, and have had Inglorious Bastards shelved for years now. A great fix that I’ve found works for me is watching with somebody else so that I am accountable and forced to sit actually through the whole thing.
We set a time, and it is official: I have come out of the movie-watching slump.
Chapter 1: Monday: Inglorious Bastards
(This section doesn't actually spoil the movie, but for a cleaner post I'll utilize the spoiler function)
We begin with some delay, and somehow, finish at almost the same time even though we both experience unexpected interference.
Neither of us are as impressed as we thought we’d be. We agree that besides the stylized nature of the film, it doesn’t have much else and lacks depth. You see, we are two very sophisticated people whose superior intellects require intense mental stimulation (I neither confirm nor deny the validity of this statement).
I interject, however, that the film did get one message across quite nicely: vengeful violence is a hydra-esque snake that lives and grows by feeding on itself; trying to break it with more violence is futile, because that will serve to either feed the snake or, if you somehow manage to behead it, grow two new heads. The best way to kill this particular beast is to starve it. Ebi agrees with me.
We also both concur that watching Brad Pitt’s character take on Italian was absolutely hilarious.
Plans are made for another movie night the next day, but this time we are going to tackle The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
Inglorious Bastards is my third most enjoyed movie of the bunch.
Chapter 2: Tuesday: In the Heights and The Usual Suspects
(The following section spoils In the Heights)
The agreed upon movie is cancelled due to being three hours long and the presence of two upcoming football games (let it be clear: I did not stop the movie for football, that was all Ebi (I don’t enjoy watching sports as much as a bunch of the guys seem to)). Ebi requests that we go for something easier; he suggest 12 Angry Men which isn’t at the moment available to me, I suggest Texas Chainsaw Massacre but as usual the other person does not share my affection for horror; eventually we agree on The Usual Suspects, which comes in at about fifteen minutes shy of two hours.
The previous day’s conquest has gotten me pumped and inspires me to watch another movie that’s been on my mind for a while now: In the Heights. I finish the movie in two or three sessions throughout the day: I start before the rest of the household awakens, end when they get up and make the house too noisy, and finish about thirty minutes before my session with Ebi, which is at 10.
Before I get to The Usual Suspects, I wanna take some time to appreciate the musical gem that was In the Heights. It was a vibrant movie brimming with song and wonder, and I absolutely enjoyed watching pretty much every minute of it. From the opening frames it is popping with color and life and song, and it never lets up until the very end. It was light-hearted, funny, touching and charming, and those tunes were oh so catchy. (In fact, I think I’ll play 96,000 on You Tube right now. Almost a million views and less than 200 dislikes? Seems like I’m not the only fan.). It had relatable characters that were well-written and likable; they were people that you could come to care for (I seriously almost shed some tears when Abuelita passed away, and that funeral march really moved me). And what they did with that twist in the end? Smartly done. The overall message that I received from the movie was perseverance for the sake of the ones we love, and what a beautiful message it was.
(Big spoilers for The Usual Suspects, and a non-explicit one for Interstellar that may or may not spoil you)
Now, to The Usual Suspects… I was honestly surprised by my reaction. Just that day, one of Dad’s friends came over, and when I asked him if the movie was any good, he said that it was better than great. I went into the film with high expectations, but came out disappointed. Ebi on the other hand came out saying, “Pashmam, pashmam,” which in Farsi is a term that means, “I was so impressed/surprised that my body shed its hair”.
Why did not I not enjoy this movie, when so many others seemed to like it so much? This is my personal opinion and theory, but I think that the film is so overrated because people were caught off-guard by the big twist in the end, which honestly for me was something not at all new or unexpected. From the beginning of the film, it was constantly on my mind that Verbal was the mastermind behind everything (kinda like how I was able to guess the ending of Interstellar during the opening minutes. I thought to myself: what is the most impossible/unexpected cause to this weird event? Through answering that I managed to get it right. For The Usual Suspects, I was also able to factor in the way everybody seemed to love it so much, and guessed that the ending had a big twist). And I mean, come on; I’ve gone through five seasons of House of Cards with Frank Underwood (still hoping for a remake of the sixth), and you expect me not to recognize Spacey’s voice at the start of the film?
To be fair though, like In the Heights, the twist was nicely hinted at throughout the movie. It wasn’t one of those cheap random reveals, but it was quite boring and underwhelming.
I believe that a movie’s quality should not hinge entirely on the big twist at the end. I went into Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead armed with numerous spoilers, and still enjoyed them. It’s the storytelling that counts, and to be frank, I found most of the movie to be mediocre. For the majority of the film, I was not blown away by brilliant acting and thrilling sequences and impressive dialogue. The best thing about it imo was Spacey’s performance, which was superb as usual; other than that, I didn’t care much for it.
Ebi and I have not made any plans since then for a sequel movie watching session, but I’ll probably bring it up again sometime (now that I am finalizing this, we have actually set another session for Hitchcock’s Psycho tonight). The rest of this journey I take alone.
In the Heights takes spot number two on the enjoyment list, and The Usual Suspects takes bottom.
Chapter 3: Wednesday: The Cabin In the Woods
(Big spoilers up ahead)
I pester three people to choose a movie for me and in the end go with my gut, choosing the The Cabin In the Woods. Annoying, I know; to make up for it, I let the guy I bothered most choose my next film, and he went for The Devil’s Advocate (more on that later).
The movie that I saw this Wednesday… It is the craziest movie I’ve ever seen. My dad left the house while I was at about the middle of the movie, and came back when I was nearing the end. He was genuinely surprised that what I was watching was the same movie as when he left. In less than two hours it managed to morph from a teen comedy to a B-rated horror flick to an apocalyptic sci-fi fantasy. I expected an eerie slaughterhouse in the woods, not… whatever that was.
Perhaps the craziest thing about it is that I actually enjoyed my time with the dwindling onscreen gang. The movie was outrageously ridiculous, but in a good and not a lazily messy sort of way. I think that the people behind this film had a vision and knew what they had to do, and they did it well.
It’s also a movie to make you think, surprisingly enough. It makes you wonder if the two surviving heroes made the right decision in the end (I don’t think they did); it makes you wonder if you would have been willing to sacrifice people to save the world (this is a tough one); it makes you wonder at just how far we can come to disregard the value of human life (answer: we can come very, very far).
The movie was one of the highlights of my week, and ties with In the Heights for spot number two.
Chapter 4: Thursday: The Devil’s Advocate
(This was written for people who have actually seen the movie; in other words, beware the spoil)
Let’s get this straight right off the bat: this was by far the best movie of the bunch and without a doubt takes first place. Not only that, but it is one of the greatest movies that I have ever seen. It was simply brilliant. As Atbin, the guy who made me watch it, says, it’s one of those movies that has everything you’re looking for (a bit of an exaggeration, but actually not too far from the truth imo): excellent acting (Al Pacino, Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves seriously did such a good job at bringing these characters to life. Especially Pacino; the role of Satan really fit his unique style), a great story accompanied by great storytelling (I just love how it progresses: how Reeves’ ego slowly eats him up, how it goes from realistic to supernatural, how Theron and her marriage fall apart; it was all so well done), a message that is well worth thinking about (it really made an impact on me, because it is all too true. I think that vanity and pride really are the devil’s favorite sins; you could argue that all the rest stem from them), and an excellent ending (some people might not appreciate how open-ended it is, but I think that it was one of the most appropriate ways it could have finished. One right decision doesn’t kill the urge to do something wrong; that’s a battle that we have to take part in every second of our lives).
I am dumbfounded as to how this is rated a mere 7.5/10 on IMDB; I know that my classmates and I absolutely loved it. Goes to show that you can’t trust online ratings all the time.
Epilogue: Thursday: Jungle Cruise
(We end as we began: no spoilers up ahead)
In the middle of writing this review, my family calls me to join them for movie night. Dad has brought a projector home form work, and we’ve set up a little home theater. Jungle Cruise seems to be the best, and possibly only, choice for us to watch, since there are kids present (tip: do not bring a three year old to a movie theater. The little guy was adorable as always, but drove us nuts, as always XD. Also, two notes to future self: make sure to get subtitles, and to grab a seat closer to the speaker, next time).
While it is definitely not one of the greats, I think that Jungle Cruise did a good enough job. It was a family movie that managed to entertain (although I think the adults somehow enjoyed it more. My little brother (aforementioned three year old) lost interest, my twelve year old cousin left in the middle of it, my fourteen year old sister was mostly on her phone (though that is her normal state lately), and eighteen year old me thought that two hours was way too long). Come to think of it… No, this movie did not do it’s job all too well.
Jungle Cruise ties with The Usual Suspects for last place. They’re two very different movies, but neither of them delivered the quality that was expected of them.
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2021.09.21 11:20 FrodoSam4Ever Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom Nintendo Switch vs. PS4 Comparison

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2021.09.21 11:20 Dzsaffar How could I make a Canon 70-300 and a Star Adventurer work for astro?

So far I have been using a fix 300mm f/4 Canon lens, that has a lens foot, but I only got that lended from a friend, so it's not a long-term solution.
The problem is that the Canon 70-300mm f4-5.6 IS II USM does not have a lens foot, nor a place for it. Because of that, I have no idea how I could balance the setup with the Star Adventurer properly, and how I could rotate the camera so that I don't just have one fixed rotation that I can use
What equipment, accessories, etc are there that could help in this?
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2021.09.21 11:20 steven614 Resellers for premium service wanted.UNLIMITED PANELS ARE AVAILABLE

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2021.09.21 11:20 Jensen_Explorer White / Grey / Orange Long-Nose Heavy E-Wing Box-Thruster Fighter without Dorsal-Fin Euclid Galaxy T2 Economy

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2021.09.21 11:20 ChadLoki Guys.

If you want to make time go faster, put mozzarella cheese in your refrigerator and plan to eat it within a week, then forget about it, and later finding it expired already thus making time go faster.
No need to thank me.
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2021.09.21 11:20 yeetmetothemoonalice Why aren’t there “kid-free” flights?

Before you attack me, I’m a parent myself and I’ve flown with my child and have total compassion and empathy for crying children and their parents on planes. Not here to say kids shouldn’t be allowed to fly or to start an argument about kids on planes. Just trying to understand why this particular business idea hasn’t been explored (or if it has, what happened).
Just saw a post on Facebook where a ton of people were arguing about this issue. Soooooo many people complain about crying babies/disruptive children on flights, and many of them say they’d happily pay a premium for a flight with no kids on it. So why haven’t airlines tried offering certain flights with age restrictions so that only passengers over a certain age can fly? They could still offer regular flights the way they currently do, but have maybe one or two flights per day that are only available for adults. It seems like a hugely lucrative business idea, and I can’t be the first person who’s ever thought of it.
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2021.09.21 11:20 daveclampart The Day It Rained Bikes

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