Which Hardmode Jungle enemy do you hate the most?

2021.09.21 10:54 Typical_Death Which Hardmode Jungle enemy do you hate the most?

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2021.09.21 10:54 NotRhelvetican hi

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2021.09.21 10:54 brophy87 Design concept 2021– Centre Block Eagle Eye View – Surrey Central Canopy. -- Renders from Surrey City Development Corporation

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2021.09.21 10:54 deadlyarmadillo These are the specs for my iMac. I use it for video-editing and gaming. 1. What upgrades can/should I look into? 2. Is Boot Camp worth it? 3. Is an eGPU a viable option for me?

These are the specs for my iMac. I use it for video-editing and gaming. 1. What upgrades can/should I look into? 2. Is Boot Camp worth it? 3. Is an eGPU a viable option for me? submitted by deadlyarmadillo to mac [link] [comments]

2021.09.21 10:54 Homu_Yen Why do they eat so much?

Each kitten eats 4 pieces of catnip. There are 70 kittens in my village, so they should to eat 280 pieces of catnip per second (if only don't count 58 pastures which should decrease catnip consumption on 81.2 pieces, and 15 unic. pastures which should decrease consumption on 6.3 pieces per second). But in fact, my kittens eat 326.46 catnip per second! Why???
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2021.09.21 10:54 kernawkrepa what the f*ck just happened

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2021.09.21 10:54 afridi444 * New Ecosystem Token * Long Term Project * Stealth Launched * Only $35,000 Market Cap!!! Get In Before the Store Opens!

Key Info • Company Name : Arkitect • Token Name : Gold • Burn per each transaction : 3% • Redistribution each transaction : 1% • $32,000 market cap as of August 18th • Around 37 initial holders (when you take away ecosystem wallets) • Available only on sushiswap • 10 million tokens minted, currently down to around 9.6 million due to burn. • Stealth Launched to be able to grow organically, slowly, and avoid pump n dumps. • Didnt accept private investors or liquidity managers, in order to preserve market authenticity. Hence only a $32,000 markete cap.
Why Invest In Us?
• Store Discounts : Every $25 of our token qualifies for 2% off, up to a total of 28% off all Arkitect brands in our store. During special sales events, you will be able to pay using only your tokens for a total of 35% off.
• Profits Get Reinvested! : At the end of every month, half the profits the store has made for that month will go back into the network to buy our token. When that happens all members/holders will receive direct deposits of the profits, due to the redistribution mechanism, and we increase the value of our market cap.
• Epochs : We have a wallet set aside, that we put a percentage of all our profits into, where at the end of every month we have whats called an Epoch Event, where we send all the tokens from epoch wallet A, into epoch wallet B. That activates the burn and redistribution mechanisms which acts as a direct deposit to all our members at the end of each month, while simultaneously lowering the total supply.
• Gift Card Program : We will feature sale events where qualifying members can use their tokens to buy from our giftcard store, where we have a selection of Amazon and Wal Mart gift cards ranging from $200 to $2000. You can buy these using your tokens, and get 20% off the giftcard price. So you can buy a $400 Amazon gift card, for $320.
• Missions : We will feature a Missions section on our community site, where members who hold a balance of at least $25 can qualify to do missions, which will be a variety of tasks one can complete and earn extra tokens. Example : Mission : Go to your local park and fill a bag with litter from around the park. Payout : $10 (in tokens).
• 12% of supply set aside for monthly burns. Every month will burn 3% of this supply, and redistribute 1%. • First Burning is happening on the 22nd of this month! • Store Grand Opening will be happening Oct 1st!
Top 10 Wallets
1) Ecosystem Rewards : 1.89 million : 18% 2) Future Liquidity : 1.46 : 14% 3) Epoch Vault : 1.22 million : 12% (1.2 million initial supply, this will go down over time as the wallet gets burned.) 4) Phase 2 Vault : 931k : 9% 5) Team Allocation : 500k : 5% 6) Development Vault : 400k : 4% 7) Missions and KnowledgeHub : 399k : 3.9% 8) Marketing and Partnerships : 360k : 3.6% 9) Philanthropy Vault : 340k : 3% 10) Currently Available to Buy on Sushiswap : 266k (from an initial 1.7 million) : 2.6%
Key Links
Homepage (outdated tokenomics : updating soon)
Community Site (current tokenomics) http://arkitecthub.com/
Network Links http://arkitecthub.com/index.php?threads/network-map-arkitect-links.4/
Etherscan https://etherscan.io/token/0xeee2b2a93fd890e6373b8758e48cc523d24fd337
Shopify Store : • In Development
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2021.09.21 10:54 OctavianAugustus21 Nepos seconds for the WC match

I just saw the lineup for the Russian championship this year(until 21.October) and noticed that a few big names like Grischuk, Karjakin, Svidler and Dubov are missing. Which of these guys is probably helping Nepo or do you think there's no correlation or whatsoever between this 🤔 Magnus's team seems pretty set like it has been for years but with Nepo he started working with Peter Leko (don't know if that's also for the WC Match or just Candidates) so I'm kind of wondering what his team will look like
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2021.09.21 10:54 dreadful_name At the turn of the century, why was the Ottoman Empire considered the sick man of Europe and not Spain/Portugal?

The Ottomans seemed to have much more of a say in terms of European politics and were a fairly formidable force militarily if not on the same level as France, Britain, Germany and Russia. Spain and Portugal on the other hand were nowhere near this level and had lost their empire by this point. So surely it would be fairer to give them this title.
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2021.09.21 10:54 Low-Green377 'Cringe content aur talent hai ghanta'

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2021.09.21 10:54 WaterFriendsIV HMB while I define what democracy is

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2021.09.21 10:54 Longjumping_Energy_4 Vesprit 9248 0042 3796

9248 0042 3796
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2021.09.21 10:54 Krspkrem le flying bowls game has arrived (late repost+extra panel)

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2021.09.21 10:54 Account_Obvious Help! What are These Brown spots?

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2021.09.21 10:54 Juicebochts My sleepy, squishy boyyy.

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2021.09.21 10:54 iskalilong Is bloating related to GERD?

Usually when I get mild flare ups, I don't experience that much bloating. However, I experienced the worst flare up last month and I'm still recovering from it. For the past few weeks I've been feeling quite better, I rarely get heartburns now and I sleep better now that I don't wake up from my burning stomach and abdominal pain. At one point, I notice that I was burping a lot more than that I usually would, and my stomach would just be bloated all the time. It got to a point where I had to force to burp to feel a short relief from the bloating.
Is my bloated stomach still related to GERD or is it something else? I'm planning to go to a GI specialist soon but I'm just so anxious about it. I've read some posts saying that it might be from increased gut bacteria in the intestines?
I'm allergic to PPI so I can only take h2 blockers and I'm on ranitidine (on month 2 now up to next month), with additional Mucopro (got prescribed for 2 weeks twice and extended to 1 month).
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2021.09.21 10:54 Moneypulat1on Missing recipe

Hi guys,
I made dumplings from a recipe I found online and they turned out really well.
However the link seems to be broken now. I even wrote to the webmaster but no response. Any chance one of you have this recipe written down or could guide me to a good recipe for Shrimp dumplings similar to Tim Ho Wan.
Thanks in advance
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2021.09.21 10:54 happysilverpolarbear Haddie 9 Year old rescue, full moon flex

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2021.09.21 10:54 UnderstandingALot Backup anomaly

Why does the time machine backup of a Catalina-patched Big Sur still show the backed up version to be 10.x.x? What does this mean for future restores? Thanks in advance
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2021.09.21 10:54 fratzolaki Why do I hear my alarm clock in my head when it's not really ringing?

I don't know if this is the right place to ask but here goes: Last year when schools reopened in my country, almost every day I would hear the alarm clock ringing in my dreams, I would wake up, check the time and realize it is the the middle of the night. Then I would go back to sleep and the moment I closed my eyes, I could hear again. It sounded so loud that I would think it was the real thing and I would get up again to check if it's really ringing and it was not.
I didn't pay much attention to it, but now that schools have started again, it's happening again and I don't know how to stop it.
Is it something that I should worry about?
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2021.09.21 10:54 fralp96 Assunzione Big 4

Sono da settimane che provo ad applicare sui vari siti delle big4, ma non ho mai ricevuto risposta da nessuno. Sono un neo-laureato in economia (magistrale) ed ho tutte le carte in regola per far parte delle società di consulenza, tanto che alcuni dei miei colleghi sono già stati assunti ad inizio anno.
Sapete dirmi per quale motivo non ricevo risposte?
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2021.09.21 10:54 man_kind_ London blues following their legacy

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2021.09.21 10:54 PhoenixAreNotRed wow, time is going really fast

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2021.09.21 10:54 Mysterious0101 Katiana Kay erotic dance show her huge boobs and beautiful face !!!

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2021.09.21 10:54 Alternative_Pop_9129 hmu if youre a bbw milf i wanna suck your toes and cum on your soles , 19m from ireland

also wanna breed your pussy
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